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Preschool Class Offerings By Developmental Age

Toddler and Me (18months to 3 years)

In this Toddler and Me-style class, Topsy Turvy Yogi invites our littlest yogis and their grown ups to explore the world of yoga through story time, nursery rhymes, music, games, art and dancing.

As your children become increasingly aware of the world around them, we will adapt our classes to reflect their developing interests.

Children must be able to walk steadily and without help in order to participate in this class.

Yogi Explorers (3-4 years)

3-year-olds love to push their boundaries, and we welcome that curiosity at Topsy Turvy Yogi! These explorers will be amazed when they discover what their bodies can do and where their imaginations can take them. Budding superheroes and princesses will begin to see their worlds come to life through yoga! We design classes based on the students' interests to ensure that they remain engaged and entertained.

Each class has its own theme and includes a balanced selection of yoga poses, breath work and meditation. Yogi Explorers accomplish this through story time, pretend play, yogic games, artwork, singing or dancing.

Master Yogis (4-5 years)

When they come to a Topsy Turvy Yogi class, Master Yogis step into a world of imagination. Whether they are princesses at the ball or pirates on a high seas adventure, each Master Yogi will learn a balanced selection of yoga poses, relaxing breathing techniques and meditation while fully immersed in pretend play. Each class tells its own story, and we write each story especially for our students. 

Contact us today to give your child a truly one-of-a-kind yoga experience!

[email protected]

Grade School Offerings By Age

Kindergarten - Second Grade

5-7 year old children have incredible self-awareness, developed imaginations, and a true sense of adventure! Our classes tap into these amazing attributes by using yoga to act out the stories that they love.  

Each adventure class encourages thought, builds cooperation through teamwork, and teaches mindfulness techniques that will enrich your children in their daily lives.

Third Grade — Fifth Grade

8-11 year old children consider themselves masters of their own universe, and so do we! That is why these classes encourage and promote healthy self-esteem while at the same time, teaching respect for others through mindful activities and calming breath work.

We design each class to improve strength, flexibility and coordination in a fun, non-competitive environment. In addition to the traditional yoga poses, student learn cooperation and teamwork by practicing fun but challenging partner poses.  

Sixth Grade — Twelfth Grade

Preteens and teenagers live in a world filled with stress, anxiety and competition. Our classes teach them the tools they need to cope with the stress of their daily lives. 

In a safe, non-competitive atmosphere, our classes work on building strength and flexibility, increasing endurance and improving posture. Classes include both traditional and partner yoga poses. Each class also incorporates mindful breathing exercises that relieve stress and create a healthy mind.