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The Magical Powers of OM

Posted on November 15, 2019 at 7:00 AM

By Jessica Brown

Learning about the word Ohm is critical for every yoga practiotioner, especially when teaching children.   OM is a sacred sound gnerally known as the sound of the universe.  Its vibration begins in our solar plexus (third eye) and ends in the chest.  

Most people know it as the part of a routine as the way we begin and end a yoga class.  However I am here to tell you that the word OM also has super powers!  That's right...just like superman!

This week I was teaching a mommy & me class with 12 adults and many very wiggly toddlers.  Some may wonder how its possible to teach a class when as 1 year old is trying to fold up your mat that you are sitting on.  I like to call this "oraganize chaos" in the yoga classroom.  As usual we began class centering our minds, while the little ones scurried about the room.  It was then that I challeneged the grown ups to close their eyes for the opening OM.  Admittedly not all of them were as trusting of the process as I was.  However when the first OM rang through the room, the children just stopped.  No noise.  No movement.  

It was a magical moment where even very young brains knew it was time to take a pause.  

At the end of the class we paused again for our closing OM and again everyone stood still.  So it goes without saying that OM is the super power of yogis of all ages and the best part is that it can be used anywhere!  

I challenge you next time your little one is mid tantrum, start chanting calm OMS and see if it works for you.


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